every. single. child.

Our Cause. Trauma changes the brain–putting children into a survival mode that repels learning; it’s difficult to focus on math when you’re focused on survival. That’s why educational outcomes for children in foster care are so poor, with only 50% graduating from high school.

every. single. child.

Our Vision. Providence Academy extends the data-driven educational model that has helped so many children at HOP to other children in the community who are left behind in school because they have extreme social, emotional, and behavioral needs due to trauma--Until Every Child Has A Chance.

So many children in our community are suspended, expelled, and remanded to self contained classrooms because they have extreme needs. While every public school is mandated to accept these students, they are not designed to help them succeed. In partnership with Oxford Public Schools, Providence Academy is a developmental kindergarten through 8th grade hybrid school that specializes in accommodating IEPs and 504 plans to help these students succeed.

Each child has an individualized learning profile that equips teachers to give them grade level material in the way they are best able to receive it. Each classroom is limited to ten students with 1 teacher and 2 behavioral specialists. All staff are trained in Trust Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI). Therapeutic and sensory-based environments and activities are infused into every part of the school!

Providence Academy will be a place where children who typically feel frustrated and defeated by school and like outcasts in social settings can grow in confidence, succeed, and form community with children with similar experiences–Until Every Child Has a Chance.

Until every child has a home

We exist to instill hope in children who have only known the intense instability of foster care by emulating the unconditional love of a healthy family to them.

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