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A Place to
Call Home

"Institutional foster care should not feel institutional."
 -Maggie Dunn, Founder & Clinical Director
A Place to Call Home

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Family dinners are a vital part of the healing process at House of Providence. Just like a family, our kids are involved in meal planning, prep, and clean up, and we come together for dinner every night.

Cooking and baking with mom & dad are a normal and lovely part of childhood. Our beautiful teaching kitchen was created to orchestrate opportunities for connection, creativity, and learning for our kids!

Every child should know what it’s like to be so madly loved, that occasionally, their parent takes a picture of them, and they are so taken with that image that they cannot help but proudly display it on the wall!”--Maggie Dunn, Founder & Clinical Director

Each knotty-pine bed is overlaid with an exquisite, handmade quilt that becomes the heirloom property for that child, and every bedroom has a breathtaking view of the property! Each child lives with a roommate to promote bonding, cooperation, and concern for others.

Nothing soothes a frazzled psyche like time in nature. Our driveway is long and winding, and just right for bikes and sidewalk chalk! Time in nature is shown to soothe the stress response, so we chose these sprawling rural acres to build a home in order to bring peace to our kiddos in the midst of their inner storms.

This is a place of new beginnings. Every time a child completes their journey with us, we host what’s called a release ceremony with all the HOP staff and their new family, during which we formally release them from our care and symbolically release them from the hurts of their past–sending them off into their redeemed future!

Each of our offices for every role–from accounting to HR–are in the house to ensure that our mission and purpose is ever before us: the kiddos we get to serve. Each employee, no matter their role, is trained in TBRI.

Our kids and staff are the only ones who get to use the front door. This is their home while they are with us, and they know that anyone coming to the front door is safe and supposed to be there.

First impressions are everything, and we want the children who come to us to know as soon as they arrive that their life is changing. Each of their co-residents write them welcome letters, and their bed is decked out with presents, new clothes, and other essentials for a warm welcome.

During intake interviews, we also take note of their favorite colors, toys, hobbies, and interest, to put together a personalized collection of keepsakes and essentials to welcome them to their new home. Every time, they are blown away that someone actually thought of them.

Their welcome gifts are only the beginning. As soon as we take an assessment of their belongings, we go shopping to fill out whatever else they’re missing–including seasonally appropriate clothing that fits their personality and taste.

Until every child has a home

We exist to instill hope in children who have only known the intense instability of foster care by emulating the unconditional love of a healthy family to them.

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