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Our Family
Simulation Model

Children are meant to live in families–not institutions. But some children need the structured group setting of an institution to process the extremely difficult path they’ve been on and stabilize to a level that they can safely live with a family.

Our focus from intake to release is deinstitutionalization. Our homes, our therapeutic model, and our routines are designed to prepare children to thrive with their forever families.

100% of our past and current residents believe House of Providence safe, clean, comfortable, and "a good place for kids to heal."
Holistic Child Treatment

Healing from trauma is not a linear process, and it doesn’t happen merely through therapy. It comes through living the fullness of life and embarking on a journey of self discovery that used to be impossible in the midst of so much fear and pain.

Children come to us with one self-identifying label: victim. The desperation of their situation weighs down on them and locks them in fear brain--crushing growth, learning, and a healthy sense of self.

To diminish the weight of this label, we introduce other equally strong, positive labels by creating a healthy childhood environment--complete with love, family, friendship, community, accomplishments, and adventures!

Over time and through intentional daily living, activities, and conversations, self-esteem rises and identity finds its root in being unconditionally loved, in belonging, and in the beautifully unique and complex personality that can finally break free from survival mode.

Co-parenting As Staff

Collectively parenting these children as we stare into the face of such profound brokenness requires a level of communication and support that goes far beyond the typical workplace. This is a high burnout field--but these children desperately need consistency and unconditional love to heal.

Our staff isn’t just staff--it’s family. Operating like a family means we communicate better, support and validate each other, and show our love for each other in ways that call us each to a higher standard of excellence, prevent burnout, and put the needs of the children in our care first every time.

Attachment Repair

Unaddressed attachment disorder is the number one reason adoptees struggle in their forever families. For children who have been taught at every turn not to trust people--and even to expect harm from them--there’s a big difference between being safe and feeling safe.

Through time, and consistent, loving relationships, we teach the children in our care that there are safe people they can trust to love and protect them. This foundation allows them to let go of their need for control and other maladaptive coping behaviors that might have helped them survive in the past--replacing them with healthier choices that serve them.

Authority Acceptance

When children need us at HOP, it means those in positions of authority and caregiving in their lives have failed and mistreated them; coming under the authority of anyone or anything is often a very scary thing for them.

Through building security and confidence, we teach them not only are there types of authority they need to cooperate with, but that coming under certain authority can protect & support them and lead them to lasting success and healing.

Until every child has a home

We exist to instill hope in children who have only known the intense instability of foster care by emulating the unconditional love of a healthy family to them.

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